Why we’re different 

Simplify work.  

Our vision is to simplify work for the world to help increase productivity.

Enable transactions and support from chat. Auxi's API first no-code automation connects all of your disparate systems. Allowing you to transact conversationally.

GenAI trained only on your data. Not shared with the internet or other customers.

Auxi's robust and secure LLM drives GenAI responses to inquiries with precision. Combined with a no-code automation engine that integrates to your apps, you can reduce 84% of tasks and inquires.

Instant, accurate employee support.

Today's workforce is overwhelmed and confused. Organizations have hundreds of apps to run their business. Employees on average need to use 17 different systems daily and over 30 monthly to do their job.  

Connect your systems to Auxi to simplify work and generate time for your people.

Versioning, no-coding automation, APIs.

Easy to create, update and save workflows with APIs - No coding required.

Drag and drop steps and APIs to create automations across all of your systems.

Get started today. Simplify work for you people.

The future of work is here.

Now is the time to embrace GenAI in a secure and controlled environment. At your pace.

You will have a partner in Auxi that guides you along the process to simplify work.

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Get started today!