Why we’re different 

Go beyond chat

Leave the limitations of live chat and deflections behind. Add Auxi's conversational resolution to your support, IT and HR strategies.  Auxi's simple and elegant workflow builder and conversational AI enables you to meet your employees, where they are today and tomorrow.

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Employee's expectations are evolving fast and it's hard for your organization to keep up

That's why we built Auxi. With AI resolution at its core, you can instantly and automatically support your employees' ever-changing needs.

It's time to deliver an exceptional employee experience.. one that every employee deserves.

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Be the leader in employee support

Unlike chatbots and ticketing systems, Auxi can seamlessly navigate your employee's through support inquiries and resolve issues without the need for human support agents.

This enables you to scale your support, IT  & HR teams and provide an excellent employee experience instantly.

Do more with less

Scaling support, service and HR with predictability is why we designed Auxi... to help organizations meet evolving employee expectations. Ditch the thought of having to rely on professional services or engineering delays to make changes. We made it easy for you to own and modify any changes the same day. Not weeks later.

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Experience a true partnership

At our core, we are customer-centric. We view ourselves as your partner, and we support you every step of the way to ensure your success. From onboarding to rapid launch, as well as, every step along your journey, we are here to help you achieve success.