Safety first

Security and Trust 

At Auxi, security is at the core of everything we do. Conversations are encrypted and stored securely.

We know that conversations only matter as much as your employees can trust them. Auxi encrypts every conversation in transit and at rest. The information you need is captured, retained, and securely stored so you can detect trends and patterns across your employee interactions.

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The platform you can trust

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With Auxi, you can create versions of your work as you build, allowing you to easily recover a previous stable version, if needed.

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Your data is fully encrypted and securely stored for you. Safely review interactions and resolutions to improve your support operations.

Analytics on Auxi.

Scale your support operations quickly and easily with Auxi. Don't worry about staffing due to surges in your business. Auxi can process concurrent tickets and users fast and accurately.

Do more with Auxi, securely

Automate and scale your employee support today