Foundationally different

Our Technology

APIs connect all your systems.

No code automation processes transactions across your systems.

GenAI understands your employees and data for accurate and immediate support.

Adaptability & Personalization 


Employees using Auxi can resolve 84% of their inquiries without the need of another human to complete their transaction.

Autonomous self-service made possible by APIs, automation and GenAI.


Employees can conversationally self-serve.

Conversations can occur in chat, Teams, Slack or even text.

API Library

Get started instantly with Auxi's API library. With pre-built API's you can connect to your systems instantly.

New APIs are added daily and by customer requests.  


Understand your employees' requests

NLP and GenAI make it possible to understand and process inquiries accurately and immediately.

Generative AI

LLM and your company data, policies and systems create a personalized and secure conversational experience for your company.

Secure. Accurate. Immediate.  


Personalize support based on employee data. Regional, seniority, business unit.

Tailored support for your workforce.

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Simplify your employee experience.