Foundationally different

Our technology

Auxi is built for you to adapt to the constantly changing dynamics of today's world. Auxi's no-code workflow engine enables you to quickly build and iterate on customer journeys, and deploy them in minutes.

Image of how Auxi works with integrations.

Adaptability & Personalization 


Save time and money while you impress your customers by resolving their inquiries with speed and accuracy.


Conversations happen across a variety of channels.

Adapt for convenient, anytime conversations with customers


Enhance your current tech stack with automated integrations by Auxi.

We have a growing library of APIs to the systems you run your business with.


Classify your customers requests.

Build your own intent in minutes or get started with our pre-built templates and make adjustments to fit your unique needs.

Generative AI

Generate utterances instantly with the assistance of generative AI.

With the power of generative AI adopt a personality that resonates with your brand and customers.


Personalized support means loyal, repeat customers and can prevent churn.

Tailor your support  based on your preferences to provide exceptional customer support.

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