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Intelligent support, instantly.
Automate and scale your customer support.

Customer conversations powered by automation and generative AI

Use any channel, anytime

Auxi supports customer conversations on your current and future communication channels. Auxi integrates any channel back to all of your support systems for a seamless customer experience.

Sum supported channels by Auxi
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Understand and assist your customers faster

Auxi quickly learns to understand your customers' needs. Leverage your existing support cases and generative AI to get Auxi up to speed instantly. Version controls mean you avoid professional services or inadvertent mistakes or changes.  Auxi continuously learns to help your customers quickly and conveniently.

Build customized workflows to resolve issues

Auxi's no code workflow engine allows you to build and change workflows and integrations in minutes, not days or weeks. Instead of waiting on engineering, customer support or professional services to make adjustments for your business. Auxi's easy to use workflow engine enables you to keep pace with your customers' preferences.

Workflow visual designer to simplify automation process.

Conversational automation for customer support

Better customer experience for your users.

Lead the way with intelligent automation in your CX. Create a compelling experience for your customers by simplifying support.

Scale and support millions of users.

Scale support seamlessly. Auxi can increase support capacity effortlessly. Easily manage unexpected and promotional surges  

Improve satisfaction and reduce cost.

Improve customer satisfaction and reduce costs. Customers want more digital support options. Auxi scales faster than hiring more agents.


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