The robots are here,
but they aren't built for you.

Auxi is.

Built specifically to understand your people and your business.

Create conversational experiences for employees and customers, with a single product that connects the apps you already have.

The robots are coming. Make sure they work for you.

Your employees and customers can self-service on any channel, anytime. With Auxi, integration to conversation channels is done in minutes. Chat, email, Slack, MS Teams, SMS/text, your choice. Build once, deploy anywhere.

Sum supported channels by Auxi
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Conversational Personalized Self-Service

Your employees and customers expect personalized support. With Auxi, you can personalize and resolve support with context. By integrating into your core systems and using generative AI, you can provide smart and instant support to your employees without a IT ticket, training or HR. Helping your employees resolve issues with smart automation is the future of employee experience.

Resolutions Automated

Auxi's no code workflow engine allows you to build & change workflows and integrations in minutes, not days or weeks. With Auxi's workflow engine and APIs, you can resolve employee and customer support tickets across any app in one seamless experience.

Conversational resolution for your customers and employees

Lead the way with smart automation in your core systems. Reduce Spend and create a personalized experience for your employees & customers.

Scale support seamlessly. Auxi can increase support capacity effortlessly. Easily manage unexpected and seasonal surges.

Improve employee productivity and reduce costs. Customers want more digital support options. Auxi scales faster than hiring more agents.


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